1 )  After filling job seeker form when I will be able to Login to my dashboard?

     When a client fills the job seeker form then usually it takes 48 hours to verify the details filled by him/her .After complete verification the account will be activated and client will be able to Login to his/her dashboard.

2 ) Why account activation takes 48 hours ?

  During account activation our team verifies the details filled in the form. If TKL finds the candidate is genuine then account is activated otherwise the account is not activated.

3 ) I have Login to my dashboard but I am not able to see jobs ? 

  After Login when you are able to see your dashboard then click on Job Listing. Job Listing is available at the footer.

4 ) When I am applying for the job then it is asking for subscription. Can I skip this ?

  Subscription is essential for applying any job.

5 ) I have purchased TKL subscription, how much time it will take for subscription to activate ?

  When a client purchased a subscription at TKL then his / her subscription is activated within the minute.

6 ) Why should I create a profile on TKL Consultancy ?

  TKL Consultancy is the No.1 site visited daily by nearly lakhs of users looking for Faculty / Staff position. After creating your profile, you can Login to your dashboard .To see Job Position, you need to click on job listing. The position which is comfortable for you, you can show interest on it by clicking on Apply button.

7 ) Is it mandatory to submit Adhar to create my profile on TKL Consultancy ?

  Adhar is mandatory to create your profile. Your profile will exist on TKL Consultancy after Adhar verification.

8 ) I have successfully created my profile and submitted my Adhar. Now what ?

  Our team will verify your details and activate your account. This process will take 48 hours. After the activation, you will be able to see job positions.

9 ) On my dashboard what is the role of My Profile?

  On clicking on My Profile button you will be see the details filled by you .If you find that any  detail filled by you is wrong then you can make correction over here.

10 ) My mobile number has changed. Can I make correction ?

  Yes, you can change your mobile number by clicking on My Profile button.

11 ) What is the role of Applied Jobs button on my dashboard ?

  On clicking Applied Jobs button, you will be able to see all jobs applied by you on TKL.

12 ) Is TKL Consultancy registered company ?

  TKL Consultancy Private Limited is a Private company incorporated on 17 July 2019. It is classified as Non-govt Company and is registered at Registrar of Companies, Kanpur.